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Bluetech Award

Bluetech Award

Bluetech Award is launched by Clean Air Alliance of China with the goal of bringing clean air technologies to where they’re needed. Technologies will be assessed through standardized evaluation process to verify performance, environmental benefits economic performance.

Winners will receive ample support from the CAAC and its partners to expand its ability to grow their business in China and create a bluer sky for everyone.

  • InternationalWe seek technologies from leading countries around the world, work with international experts in our selection process, and leverage international media coverage
  • Objective and Scientific Process We use a uniform, systematic assessment methodology to examine all technologies for practical, real-life results. Our methodology includes document review, expert analysis, on-site examinations and lab tests.
  • Result-orientedOur procedure focuses on real-world results.
  • Systematic DisseminationParticipants get featured dissemination at the Bluetech Forum, and through our official website, custom local matchmaking sessions, video releases, WeChat platforms, and media partners.
Bluetech 2020 Timeline
  • Diesel emission control
  • Coal emission control (non-power sector)
  • VOCs substitution and pollution prevention
  • Indoor air pollution control
  • Advanced pollution source and air quality monitoring
  • Waste incineration emission control and its substitution
  • Bluetech Future Unicorn
2020 Bluetech Award Categories
Diesel emission control
  • Fuel treatment technologies, such as diesel fuel treatment, clean energy (e.g. LNG) etc.
  • Engine combustion optimization technologies, such as Exhaust Gas Recirculation, fuel injection optimization techniques, etc.
  • Engine emission control technology, such as Diesel Oxidant Catalyst, Particulate Oxidation, Catalyst, Selective Catalytic Reaction, Diesel Particulate Filter, etc.
2020 Bluetech Award Categories
Innovative waste incineration emission control and its substitution technology
  • Waste incineration related technology such as advance incinerator;
  • Acid gas and heavy metal control technology, such as advanced bag filter system;
  • Dioxin control technology, such as incineration temperature control system;
  • Related waste emission control technology, such as leachate control technology;
  • Other waste incineration substitution technology, such as anaerobic fermentation, garbage compost etc.