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Position: Bluetech Award

Assessment Criteria and Process

Assessment Criteria and Process

Gathering clean air technologies from China and overseas, the Bluetech Award provides a platform for technologies to validate and demonstrate core competencies. The Award uses the Clean Air Technology Assessment Methodology to examine real-world results, analyzing environmental benefits, technological performances and financial viabilities to find breakthrough potentials.

●The Assessment uses a standardized, unified framework, including procedures and data QA/QC requirement.

●Integrates various methods including document auditing, expert reviews, on-site examinations and laboratory testing.

●Customized assessment plan for every technology to fully analyze their unique technical performances.

●The assessment is performed by leading Chinese and international experts in relevant fields.


Assessment Process
Form Bluetech Assessment Expert Panel

Includes international clean air technology experts, industrial experts and testing experts

Preliminary Assessment Plan

Design preliminary assessment plan for each category to carry out essential technology screening for advanced assessment

Preliminary Assessment

Using the preliminary assessment plan to conduct a quick evaluation based on technology or product performance data as provided by the applicant

Advanced Assessment Plan

Design specific assessment plans for every technology to assess its breakthrough potential in environmental, technical, and financial fields

Advanced Assessment

Using the advanced assessment plan to assess technology that includes document review, on-site investigation and laboratory testing

Assessment Conclusion and Reports

A full assessment report and a simplified assessment report are issued for each assessed technology

Publicize Assessment Result

The assessment result will be recorded into the website of "Bluetech" and Bluetech winners will be listed into the Bluetech Demo Platform