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Position: Bluetech Award

Bluetech Carbon Neutrality Pioneers Award

Bluetech Carbon Neutrality Pioneers Award

In 2022, Bluetech Clean Air Alliance (BCAA) and the Greentech Financing Platform (GFP) jointly launched the "Bluetech Carbon Neutrality Pioneers Award ". The purpose of the award is to support and promote pioneering companies in the field of carbon neutrality, promote and disseminate the achievements of low-carbon technological innovation, and help China and the world to achieve carbon neutrality.

Based on the "Bluetech Award" launched in 2015, the "Bluetech Carbon Neutrality Pioneers Award " is focusing on the evaluation of technology enterprises and entrepreneurial teams in new energy, green transportation, energy storage, green building, energy conservation, intelligent manufacturing and other key tracks of low carbon technologies. The Bluetech Award has been carried out for six years, and a systematic evaluation mechanism and a project recruitment and acceleration networks across over 20 countries have been established.

Award-Winning Support
  • Financing AssistanceAssist in matchmaking with lead & strategic investment funds;
  • IP EmpowermentProvide IP strategy guidance, build IP barriers, and manage IP risks;
  • Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality StrategyProvide guidance on corporate carbon peaking and carbon neutral strategy to enhance the low carbon competitiveness;
  • Industrial MatchmakingAssist in systematic matchmaking with the industrial ecosystem of partners;
  • Demonstration & PublicityRecommend participating in demonstration projects, including relevant networks and pilot projects under the United Nations;
  • Entrepreneurial CommunityAssist in joining in the exclusive carbon neutral entrepreneur community.
Selection Advisory Committee

Jun MA Chairman President of Institute of Finance and Sustainability (IFS)
Director of the Green Finance Committee (GFD)
Co-chair of the G20 Sustainable Finance Study Group

" ‘Bluetech Carbon Neutrality Pioneers Award’ will bring together all parties to select and accelerate outstanding green technological projects that can enhance the carbon neutrality process in China and the world"
Advisory Committee (listed in alphabetical order)
Kejun JIANG Research Fellow, Energy
Research Institute of Academy of
Macroeconomic Research
Guoliang LV Consultant, WIPO Office in China
Former Director, International
Division, China National Intellectual
Hong LIANG President, Hillhouse
Industry and Innovation
Research Institute
Yuebing LUChairman of the Board, Air
Liquide (China) Holding
Co., Ltd.
Hao XUVice President,
Sustainable Social Value
Organization, Tencent
Shixu YANGPresident, BP
Zhenhua YUStanding Vice President,
China Energy
Storage Alliance
Kai ZHAOStanding Vice
President, China
Association of Circular
Lin ZUOPartner, Sequoia
& Envision Carbon
Neutral Fund
Executive Committee(listed in alphabetical order)
Hongxing XIE Director, Bluetech Clean Air Alliance (BCAA)
Lijian ZHAO Head, Secretariat of Greentech Financing Platform; President, Carbon Trust China
Woking Group Technical Expert Group(listed in alphabetical order)

Wenqi DUAN Senior Consultant, Bluetech Clean Air Alliance; Partner, Thor Capital
Xin HE Technical Director, Bluetech Clean Air Alliance
Xi YANG Deputy Director, Science and Technology Center of Institute of Finance and Sustainability
Wenyi ZHANG Senior Consultant, Greentech Financing Platform; Vice President, Nature Elements Capital
Yuguang ZHOU Deputy Secretary-General, Bluetech Clean Air Alliance

Technical Expert Group

In order to support the relevant technical special evaluation, the selection working group will also form a technical expert group with relevant technical and industry experts to support the evaluation work.

Award Process
Award Introduction

"Bluetech Carbon Neutrality Pioneers Award" welcome green and low-carbon technology enterprises from around the world. The goal of the award is to select a number of outstanding domestic and abroad green technology enterprises and entrepreneurial teams every year. Through the process of award assessment and publicity, to promote and disseminate knowledge of green and low-carbon technologies, help investment institutions to identify excellent investment opportunities effectively, and support the rapid growth of those green enterprises. There is no charge for the whole award selection process.

The award will set up an expert teams, establish a scientific and fair scoring method and process to evaluate the applicant organization. The review will adopt a unified evaluation framework, process, evaluation standards and data quality control requirements, and focus on the following aspects:

• Special Evaluation: Pay attention to the ”deep tech” attributes and industry leadership of the applicant, organize experts to carry out special evaluation for "Technical Features" and "IP competitiveness".
• Comprehensive Evaluation: Through expert review, systematically evaluate the comprehensive performance of enterprises and teams in terms of l innovation, green and low-carbon benefits, growth potential, team and corporate strategy, business model and other dimensions.

Selection Criteria
Requirements for Application

1) Enterprises or entrepreneurial teams in the field of green technology;
2) The products or services of the enterprise have relative high technological content and innovative significance;
3) The products or services of the enterprise have obvious greenhouse gas emission reduction benefits and other environmental benefits;
4) The enterprise has a relatively good corporate governance mechanism and social responsibility performance.

Application Process

1)Click to download application form
2) Fill in and submit the application form and relevant information before 31 March 2022;
3) Participate in online exhibition and Q&A after passing the preliminary screening;
4) Key shortlisted enterprises will be invited to participate in offline road show and communicate with experts;
5) Participate awarding ceremony for the award-winning enterprises

Evaluation Process

The selection group will carry out the following work:
1) Preliminary screening: The selection group will conduct a document review and exclude the applications that does not meet the basic requirements;;
2) Short-list evaluation: A shortlist will be determined through online presentation, expert review and scoring;
3) On-site investigation and evaluation: On-site investigation and assessment will organized for some of the applications;
4) Off-line roadshows and expert evaluation: Invite key shortlisted enterprises to carry out offline road shows, and invite experts (including experts of the Selection Advisory Committee) to evaluate and score. The evaluation is expected to be completed by the end of May.;
5) Determine the winning list: The winning list will be finally determined by the Selection Advisory Committee.

Award Release

The award results and ceremony will be held in June 2022 at the annual meeting of the Greentech Financing Platform (GFP).


Founded in January 2013, Bluetech Clean Air Alliance (BCAA) focuses on the development of green and low-carbon technologies and industries and accelerating global sustainable development through technology transfer, technology assessment and demos, investment service, IP protection, and policy research. The members of BCAA include companies, research institutes and universities.

Over eight years’ operation, BCAA has carried out pilot projects in 12 provinces and cities in China, published over 50 policy and market research reports, assessed over 400 advanced clean air technologies from 22 countries, established collaborations with partners across 20 countries. BCAA became an official strategic partner of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 2019. With the support of WIPO, Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office and other partners, BCAA launched the project of IP Enabling Green Technology, and carried out a series of activities and pilot work in the field of green technology intellectual property awareness raising and high-value patent cultivation, including IP strategy trainings, seminars, international transfer of green science and technology, city acceleration project, etc.

The Greentech Financing Platform (GFP) was initiated by the Institute of Finance and Sustainability (IFS) and multi cooperation organizations in May 2021. The platform will make full use of the resources of the Institute of Finance and Sustainability (IFS) and multi cooperation organizations, and work together with scientists and technological innovation enterprises, connect financial resources and support the development of economy and green technology. Members of GFP include financial institutions (PE/VC investors, banks, insurance etc.), green technology enterprises, and domestic and foreign research institutions, scientists and engineers who provide green technology.

Co-sponsors of GFP include Institute of Green Finance & Sustainable Development, The Green Finance Committee (GFC) of China Society for Finance and Banking, Beijing Green Finance Association, Beijing Private Equity Association, Finance Committee of Distinguished Expert Committee of Overseas Chinese Federation, Shanghai Private Equity Association, Bluetech Clean Air Alliance, China Association of Circular Economy, Green Technology Bank, China Energy Storage Alliance, Zhejiang Zhijiang Venture Capital Research Institute, Energy and Environmental Service Industry Alliance, etc. The Secretariat of GFP is located in the Green Technology Research and Investment Promotion Center of the Institute of Finance and Sustainability.

• Institute of Green Finance & Sustainable Development• China Association of Circular Economy• The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) • The Green Finance Committee (GFC) of China Society for Finance and Banking• China Association of Environmental Protection Industry• WIPO GREEN • Beijing Green Finance Association• Xiamen Environment Protection Vehicle Emission Control Technology Center• WWF • Beijing Green Finance Association• Committee of Green Circular and Inclusive Development of All-China Environment Federation• Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) • Shanghai Private Equity Association• Energy Conservation Technology Promotion Committee of China Energy Conservation Association• Plug and Play China(PNP) • Green Technology Bank• Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association (CREIA)• Carbon Trust • Zhejiang Zhijiang Venture Capital Research Institute• China Electric Vehicle Charing Technology and Industry Alliance• RX S-Future • Sequoia & Envision Carbon Neutral Fund• Council of Industry and Technology Alliances In Z-Park• Manufacturers Of Emission Controls Association • Hillhouse Capital Industry and Innovation Research Institute• ZGC International• US-China Clean Tech Center (UCCTC) • Enze Fund of Sinopec Capital• Energy and Environmental Service Industry Alliance• M-Hub • CECEP Fund• China Energy Storage Alliance• IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute • Cedarlake Capital• Tsinghua X-Lab• Korea Energy, Climate Change and Environment Association • Tsinghua Technology Transfer Fund• University of Science and Technology Beijing National Science Park• Swiss Clean Technology Association • Beihang Investment• Tus-Holdings Science & Technology Park (Ningbo)• State of Green (Denmark) • CAS Delta Capital• BUAA Tianhui Incubator• Impact Hub Shanghai • Thor Capital• C Team