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The Release of 2022 Bluetech Carbon Neutrality Pioneers Award

On December 17, 2022, the selection resultsof the first Bluetech Carbon Neutrality Pioneers Award were released at the 2nd Greentech Financing Annual Conference.Over 700,000 audiences joined in the event.

17 Winners of Bluetech Carbon NeutralityPioneers Award are as follows:

Enterprise name

Core technology

Start-up Stage

Linhe Climate Science & Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Renovating Carbon Caputure & Utilization

Shanghai Firm-Lithium New Energy

Technology Co., Ltd.

Sulfide Electrolyte All-Solid-State Lithium-ion Battery Technology

Amazinc Energy Limited

Zinc-based Battery Technology

Tangju New Materials Co., Ltd

Fabrication of Nano Cellulose

Ningbo Topcentral New Material Co.,


Polymer Materials and Equivalent Recycling


Beijing Jaran Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., LTD.

Modular Directional Purification

Early Stage

GRST Holdings Limited

Water Based Manufacturing, Recycling, Regeneration and Reuse Processes for Lithium-ion Battery

Luoyang Weida Petrochemical Engineering


The Cold Regenerated Catalyst Cycling (CRC) Technology for Oil Refining Sector

Shanghai Maxtropy Data Technology Co.,Ltd.

Smart Industrial Energy and Carbon Management System

Zhongding Hengsheng Gas Equipment (Wuhu) Co., LTD

Diaphragm Compressor

Beijing Fenergy Technology Co., Ltd.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Catalyst, MEA and Stack

Nanjing Joes Future Food Technology Co., Ltd.

Cultured Meat Creation and Core Technology

Lanzhou Lanshi Zhongke Nanotechnology Co., Ltd.

Industrial Hazardous Solid Waste Recycling and High[1]value Reuse Technology with Buble Liquid Membrane Method as the Core

Expansion Stage

Beijing Shougang LanzaTech Technology Co., Ltd.

Ethanol and Protein Production from Carbon Containing Industrial Off Gas via Biosynthetic Technology


100MW Advanced CAES System

Beijing Bluepha Microbiology Technology Co., Ltd.

Biological Fermentation Technology Using Carbon Dioxide and Conventional Biomass

as Dual-carbon Sources


Packaging as a Service

28 Finalist Awards are as follows:

•Clean Carbon (Beijing)Technology Co.,Ltd

•Jiangsu Richpower New Energy Co.,Ltd.

•Beijing VOTO Biotech Co., LTD

•Beijing SINOENC Engineering Technology Co.,Ltd

•Yi Design Company Limited

•Shanghai Re-poly Environmental ProtectionTechnology Co., Ltd.

•Beijing Changxin Wanlin Technology Co.,Ltd.


•Xiangyang Solergy Tehnology Company,Limited

•Guangzhou Hexin Environment TechnologyCO.,Ltd.

•Tianjin Aozhan Xingda Chemical TechnologyCo., Ltd.

•Jiangsu Jinlong-cas EnviromentalProtection New Material Co., Ltd.

•Inner Mongolia Huameng KechuangEnvironmental Protection Technology Engineering Co., LTD.

•Beijing Tianhuo Institute of New Energy TechnologyCo., Ltd.

•Suzhou Boehmer Thermal Products Co., Ltd

•Goldginny EngineeringTechnology(Beijing)Co.,ltd

•DCTech. Co., Ltd

•Getech Technology CO., LTD.

•Suzhou Ion-tech Nano Technology Co. , Ltd.

•Beijing TerraQuanta Technology Co., Ltd.

•Beijing Green Inclusive Technology Co.,Ltd

•Shanghai Eco-Carbon Digital TechnologyCo., Ltd.

•DST Electric Vehicle Rental (Shenzhen)Co., Ltd.

•Smarto Technology Co., Ltd.

•G-eDrive (Beijing) Auto Tech.Co., Ltd.

•Yongkang Zhilu Technology Co., LTD

•Hebei Daguang Biotechnology Co., Ltd

•KeFeng Advanced Materials Qingdao Co. LTD