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Particle Agglomeration Inducer (PAI)

Particle Agglomeration Inducer (PAI)





Technology Overview:

◎◎ Particle Agglomeration Inducer (PAI) utilizes special designed exhaust pipes with variable diameters to create changes in flow velocity, resulting in collision and coagulation of particle matters with various sizes, and therefore easy capture. ◎◎ In combination with DOC and POC, PAI captures and treats particulate matters, avoids the use of DPF, and spares the regeneration unit. The combination also decreases the total resistance and only increases the back pressure by 10%-15%. ◎◎ PAI has no requirements for gas types nor qualities, which broads its range of engine applications, comparing to DPF. PAI also has no limits on original emission, which is more suitable than DP for non-road machinery modification. ◎◎ Emission reduction effect passes through VERT certification.

Environmental Features:

◎◎ Test results of PAI-DOC-POC system shows the emission reduction of PM2.5 up to 71.4%.

Financial Features:

◎◎ Low cost: $20 per set for mass production model, and $100 per set for small batch production model. ◎◎ No maintenance needed basically, and its service life is the same as exhaust pipe.

Implementation Status:

◎◎ It is applied in the case of Yellow Label Car Transformation Project in Ningbo port.