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Bluetech Conference

4th Bluetech International Clean Air Conference
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The 4th Bluetech International Clean Air Conference will unite approximately 300 participants, including policymakers, national and international experts, local environmental departments, technology companies, environmental organizations, and media together to discuss the hot issues around clean air technologies, markets, policies and investments. Meanwhile, the Bluetech Award winners and finalists will be announced during the conference.

The conference will focus on the future air quality improvement strategy and policy roadmap, international experience, the challenge and demand of provinces and cities, co-control of air pollution and climate change, clean technology patent strategy and other topics.

The conference will set up a special session named innovation clean air technology roadshow session. Technologies and industry representatives from more than 20 countries and focus on disaggregated coal pollution control and clean heating, air quality and pollution monitoring, VOCs pollution prevention and other clean technology areas will participate in this session. Besides, the conference will invite representatives of the environmental protection department from different provinces and cities to promote the connection between clean air technologies and local demands to support technology promoting and policies implementation.

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Hao Jiming, Chairman of CAAC, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Tsinghua University

Mr. Wang Jinnan, vice president of the Environmental Planning Institute of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, presented the air quality improvement strategy of the 13th Five-Year plan in detail. Former director of the California Air Resources Management Bureau, Catherine Witherspoon, emphasized the importance of pollution prevention standards planning and Joseph Kubsh, the executive director of US Manufacturers Emission Control Association, shared international experience on diesel vehicle pollution management. Representatives from the United States, Britain and China also shared their experiences with city air quality management work.

  • Hao Jiming, Academician of CAE

  • Yang Chaofei, Chairman of CIEP

  • Catherine Witherspoon, Former CEO of CARB

  • Elanie Chang, Former Director of South Coast AQMD

  • Yan Jinping, COO of Air Liquide (China)

  • N. Bruce Pickering, Vice President of Asia Society

Foreign experts: the progress of air quality improvement in China

The leading experts in related areas were invited to further discuss the underway policies of air quality improvement and their outcomes.

Urban Air Quality Improvement Experience, Challenges and Demand

With the establishment of the mechanism of air quality attainment plan management, cities have become the principal part of air quality management. Europe and the US have gained abundant experience in the city-based systematic management of air quality and the systematic intergradation of urban development in energy, transportation and industry. The representatives from Chinese and foreign cities were invited to discuss their experience, challenges and the technical and market demand during the process of air quality management.

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